Why was hu’chu born?

hu'chu was created in 2015 as a stand-up paddleboard and accessories company that is constantly striving to achieve the ideal combination of organically based, compostable, and long-lasting components to be true to the word “sustainable” for your family and ours.


hu’chu does this by making use of traditional fibers like flax and linen to create a bond that is aesthetically natural and beautiful, yet strong and flexible, for long-lasting performance.


hu’chu uses resins that have the highest possible bio content without sacrificing durability or performance. Hu’chu will continue to improve and innovate by refining and updating our production technologies.


hu’chu has worked hard to ensure that we are using as few resources as possible to create our boards, paddles, and accessories, in turn reducing our environmental impact.


Every detail has been thoroughly vetted and researched to ensure that at hu'chu we can be transparent and honest, and offer something that we can all believe in.


We take pride in knowing that while the path that we chose isn’t always easy, we are doing our absolute best to create sustainable, natural, local, and responsible products without compromising.


We believe that by making sustainability our highest goal, we can make a difference in freeing our world of manmade garbage and pollution, and ensure healthy surroundings for everything and everyone in the future.

At the moment we focuse on optimizing our core product, a hollow SUP, made without any foams or artificial fibers. Our boards truly live up to the word "sustainable" and we don't make any compromises in the process of manufacturing them.




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hu'chu Productions UG | Unterstrasse 26 | 56843 Lötzbeuren | Germany


mail@huchu-surf.com  | USt-ID : DE294852712

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